5 Snow Day Activities for the Elderly

5 Snow Day Activities for the Eldery

5 Snow Day Activities for the Elderly

The joy of a snow day is tangible at any age — staying home, a day off of work, and spending time with loved ones. In these days of COVID, snow days may not inspire the same excitement of years past, but the opportunity to take a step back and enjoy the day is still there. 

We have some more snowy days on the forecast for this week, and our Abundant Home Health Care team has put together a list of 5 snow day activities for the elderly that you can share with your loved ones — read on for our tips! 

Cook A Meal Together

Spend your snow day making a delicious meal with your older relative. They can read out the ingredients, chop at the table, or man the cooking timers. Not only does this allow for great quality time together, it also is a great stimulation of the brain, helping to fight memory loss and mental decline. 

There’s nothing better than fresh baked cookies on a snow day. There are lots of businesses that will deliver cookies straight to your loved ones’ door. Need some inspiration? Mrs. Fields has some very tasty looking treats, as does Tate’s!

Break Out The Games 

Snow days are a great opportunity to spend time together in some friendly competition. Break out the Scrabble board, the puzzles, and the Yahtzee, and hunker down with some hot cocoa and a winning attitude!

Put together a winter skincare “Beauty Bundle”

The winter months can cause dry, cracked skin due to harsh heating and dry weather. A winter skin pick-me-up is a fun and useful gift for your elderly relatives, and spending time keeping skin healthy can be a fun snow day spa activity. Here’s a couple of ideas to include:

Set Up a Group Video Call

We’re all spending a lot of time indoors these days — snow days are no exception. You can use your day off to set up a group video call with far-away family and friends. Schedule your call for a time where your elderly relative is alert and awake so that they can enjoy and interact with the group without being overstimulated. 

There are many companies that make it easy and quick to video call: For instance, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Zoom are all free. 

We hope that you get some time to enjoy these upcoming snow days and to spend time with your loved ones. As always, Abundant Home Health Care is here to support you and your elderly family members each step of the way. 

Happy Snow Day!

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