About Us

Thanks for taking the time to see what Abundant Home Health Care is all about.

First off we want you to know that Jeanne and I are sisters. At the time our parents got sick, we were working full time (and then some) in corporate America. Since we were not available to care for our folks, we hired a home care agency.

The agency promised to take care of all their needs while keeping them comfortable and safe in their own home –which was their #1 requirement.

Our parents were ok with having help, Jeanne and I were thrilled, we were good to go. But that didn’t last too long. Three agencies later, enormous amount of disruptions at the office, more phone calls once home, we finally found an aide that filled everyone’s needs.

From that experience, it was clear we could do a better job satisfying the needs of both the client and family. That is why we made Trust, Empathy, and Compassion our guiding principles.

Because we are the adult children in the above situation, we only hire caregivers that have passed our Compassion test.

And as the professional woman who were responsible for getting care for our parents, we understand the importance of being the home care agency that respects both your time on the job and your obligations to your own family.

We have been and will continue to be the home care agency that takes the entire family into account when we agree to provide care for your loved one.

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