Abundance of Compassion

Our Certified Nursing Assistants & Home Health Aides are required to  provide complete and satisfactory answers to the questions below to become part of our team:

How important is compassion & listening in establishing trust in caregiver/client relationship?

Tell me about a time when you realized that listening and understanding your client’s situation resulted in restoring their emotional, spiritual, and physical well being?

Give me an example of a time when your compassionate attitude caused a patient to stay positive and calm?

Tell me about a time when you were  in a stressful situation on the job, yet you knew

keeping a positive or compassionate attitude was the most useful way to handle the situation?

In what way does your imagining yourself in the client’s situation,  seeing things from his/her point of view, affect the way your care for them?

Give me a recent example when carefully listening to client gave you a different perspective on how to approach your job?

Give me an example of how you identify and respond to the verbal and nonverbal clues to determine your client’s emotional states?

How true do you think that  “compassion + empathy = trust

Are You Ready