Elderly woman in the sunshine - tips for elderly skin cancer prevention.

Soak it all in—safely!

It seems like the sun is shining brighter and brighter every day as we continue to approach the beautiful New England summer. May has been treating us to some lovely days and...

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Senior Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Among the Elderly

People tend to think that recreational drug and alcohol use usually declines after young adulthood. However, this is not true for everyone, and that includes seniors. Studies show that between 2006 and...

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Strong women

Women’s Health + Saftey

April is Women’s Health + Safety month. Women’s voices need to be heard so that strategies, policies, and practices aimed at reducing gender-based violence are in place. Women’s overall health and well-being,...

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Thank you to all the social workers out there!

Thanks to the Social Workers

Happy Thursday, all. This is Ceci Murphy, Co-owner of AHHC. March was dedicated to social workers and I couldn’t let this month go by without telling all the social workers we have...

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Abundant Home Health Care aide assists her patient. They are smiling at each other underneath their face masks. 24-hr in-home care.

5 Benefits of 24-hr In-home Care

24-hr in-home care is one of Abundant Home Health Care’s specialty areas of service. But what is 24-hr in-home care, and what are its benefits? 24-hour care may be the right choice...

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