How To Tell If You Are Stressed

How To Tell If You Are Stressed

We are now entering our 7th week of the Stay-At-Home directive from our public officials. We have been told to only go out when necessary. Appoint 1 person per household to do the grocery and pharmaceutical shopping. Supermarkets are doing their part by placing markers on the floor to indicate 6 feet distance from other customers. They also have staff monitoring the number of people who can enter the store. Since you can have this disease and not know it, we are asked to wear masks to protect others should that be our case.

Since our ability to plan our daily activities have never been restricted like this, recognizing the signs of stress such a quarantine can produce can be unfamiliar to most of us.


Know the Signs of Stress

What follows are behavioral, physical, emotional, and cognitive responses that are all common signs of anxiety and stress. You may notice some of them since you have been in “stay at home” mode. In the wake of this infectious disease outbreak, monitoring your own physical and mental health can help you understand become gentler with ourselves and others in this exceedingly difficult time.

Your Behavior:

  • An increase or decrease in your energy and activity levels
  • An increase in your alcohol, tobacco use, or use of illegal drugs
  • An increase in irritability, with outbursts of anger and frequent arguing
  • Having trouble relaxing or sleeping
  • Crying frequently
  • Worrying excessively
  • Wanting to be alone most of the time
  • Blaming other people for everything
  • Having difficulty communicating or listening
  • Having difficulty giving or accepting help
  • Inability to feel pleasure or have fun


To say this is a stressful time is an understatement. Knowing the signs of stress in yourself and your loved ones can help you stay patient and compassionate.

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