Managing Stress as a Case Manager

Woman taking a deep, relaxing breath to destress

Managing Stress as a Case Manager

Over recent months Case Managers have had the difficult time task of adjusting their own lives during COVID while assisting patients to do the same. As essential workers, the stress on their families juggling school, childcare, fears of illness have taken a toll. Anxiety, sadness, excess eating, lack of exercise, and substance use can all be part of the price that is paid.

Disconnecting from media, adequate sleep, healthy eating, and exercise can help to relieve some of the damage.

As caregivers, we must remind ourselves that meeting our own needs will allow us to assist others in a more meaningful way.

Here are our tips on how to manage stress! 

Avoid the Media:
We’re constantly inundated with stressful news and divisive opinions, whether through our phones, TVs, or computers. Set aside some time to check the news once a day, but otherwise, try to avoid the media. Here are our tips:

  • Establish an unplugged morning routine
  • Do not use your phone as an alarm
  • Power down put phone and computer away before you go to bed
  • Keep busy—Instead of scrolling through media feeds, try a more relaxing activity, like a bath, making a hot cup of tea, or reading a book                 

Benefits of avoiding media:

  • Feeling clearer head and more centered
  • Increased quality time with your family
  • Improved focus that allows for concentration on healthy eating, exercise, and sleep                    

Lastly, healthy eating in these times is key. Here are strategies to promote healthy eating in these stressful times:

  • Exercise — Do something you like! Yoga, walking, high-intensity workout, swimming are all great options. This will help reduce stress and improve sleep.
  • Plan — Keep healthy food on hand, eliminate temptations for your home, and bring meals snacks to work. This will help to:
    • Control your appetite
    • Increase your energy
    • Improve your mood

We’re here for you! What tips and tricks do you use to de-stress?

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