Abundant Concierge

Abundant Concierge offers door-to-door ride service and transportation for seniors and the elderly. Our medical escort service will get you to your appointments safely, on time, and relaxed. Abundant Concierge clients enjoy convenient transportation and companionship on their way to their doctor, dentist, day surgery, or a night out on the town. 

“Abundant HHC has been extremely reliable over the past 2 years. I enjoy the time I spend with the companion(s) who pick me up. I am very grateful for their help.”
Maria G. 9-3-17

DAY SURGERY~~ You have enough on your mind — but getting to and from your appointment doesn’t have to be one of them. Tell us when to pick you up – and we will be there. Leave the driving, traffic, and parking to us. We are at your service from start to finish. Once back home, we will make you a light meal or snack and stay with you until you feel secure and comfortable enough to be left alone.

You are not allowed to drive after being administered anesthesia ~~the following procedures fall under this category.

Cosmetic/reconstructive surgery colonoscopy procedures
Eye/cataract foot or hand treatment
E.C.T ~electro convulsive therapy orthopedic care
Pain Management  


ACTIVE ADULTS ~~ When you want to get out at night. This program is designed for the active senior who wants to continue going out in the evening – to dinner, symphony, theater, museums, religious events, lecture series – but doesn’t want the hassle of driving at night, or finding a parking space. You will feel safe, secure, and satisfied when you choose Companion Concierge to get you out and about.

Woman smiles in car driven by elderly ride service and medical escort.