Our New Family Portal!

Our New Family Portal!

At Abundant Home Health Care we are always looking for ways to make our customers feel more comfortable and confident in working with us. Today we are excited to share the news that we now have a very easy-to-use family portal that you can use to access your or your loved one’s care calendar and care information. It’s called Axis Care and you can log in to it from anywhere at any time to get lots of important and helpful information about your care.

With Axis Care you can:

  • View Upcoming Visits for Yourself of Your Loved Ones – View your care calendar to see when your upcoming visits, which caregiver will be providing care, tasks that the caregiver will be completing, and more.
  • Keep Track of Your Care – Be actively involved in your or your family member’s health care. See which tasks will be completed at each visit and keep track of any changes made to your care information.
  • Keep the Family Connected – Family members that would like to stay updated can have their own unique login to access the portal.
  • Communicate With Us! – Have a question about your care? Contact us directly from the portal.


Axis Care FAQ: 

  • How do I access the portal? Open your web browser and navigate to the portal URL provided to you. Enter the login credentials provided to you by our office. (Haven’t received this info? Please contact our office to receive your portal login) Once you are logged in successfully, you will see your care calendar and have access to your care information. Click on “View Visit” on an individual visit to view the visit’s information.
  • Can all caregivers see my care information? Only caregivers that have a scheduled visit with you can see your care information. They will be able to view which tasks need to be done during their shift and use their mobile devices to check them off as complete/incomplete in addition to taking any other notes about the shift.
  • What is the bulletin board? The bulletin board is a feature that allows us to post messages for you and your family to see on your portal. These messages may include office announcements, holiday messages, non-urgent updates, etc…
  • What if I have a question/request about my schedule? If you have a question about your schedule, your caregiver, or care information please contact the office using either the Contact Us feature on your portal, or give the office a call using the number provided – we always look forward to hearing from you!
  • I am having trouble accessing my portal. If you are having issues accessing your family portal, you can use the “Forgot Password” feature on the login screen. If you are still having issues with your login information or don’t have a login yet, please contact the office and we will reset/create your login.

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