Our Story

Thanks for taking the time to see what Abundant Home Health Care is all about.

I am Ceci Murphy. My sister Jeanne Smillie and I founded Abundant Home Health Care in 2013. A few years before that our parents became ill. At that time we were both working full-time (and then some) for Fortune 500 companies and not available to care for them. We contracted with a home care agency that assured us they would provide an Aide that was reliable, compassionate and able to meet our parent’s non-negotiable requirements:

1) Maintain their independence
2) Stay in the comfort & familiarity of their home
3) Care-giver must help with shopping, meal prep, laundry, assist with Personal hygiene at times, take them out for walks and Drive them to visit friends and relatives – for a start.
4) The Aide was to understand they were very independent, trusting compassionate and respectful and they expected to be treated in-kind

We were thrilled that satisfactory arrangements were now in place. Unfortunately, that didn’t last too long. Three agencies later, enormous amount of disruptions at the office, more phone calls at home, we finally found an aide that filled everyone’s needs.

It was a tremendous learning experience, however. We found ourselves getting more and more involved in eldercare issues. That led to contacting friends who were doctors, life care advocates, RNs or social workers. Over many dinners, visits to their patients/clients, following up on suggested reading, doing research and attending classes on caring for patients with dementia/Alzheimer’s, fall prevention, stroke and cardio conditions our professional friends and advisers gave us their blessing. We also knew we were ready ~~ full of excitement and self-assurance needed we were confident that Abundant Home Health Care would provide the quality of care and services we were looking for when our parents needed help.

To ensure we would consistently fulfill our commitment to the highest caliber of attentiveness, supervision and responsibility, we dedicated ourselves, our staff and our care-givers to the guiding belief: Compassion + Empathy = Trust.

The impact trust has on the success of a client’s overall satisfaction, well-being, and security is undeniable. We have witnessed, more than once, the tremendous effect the role compassion and empathy play in inspiring trust. Because it is the cornerstone of our care-plans, we devised a method to determine if our aides had the level of commitment we were looking for: “Abundance of Compassion.” All our care-givers must satisfactorily pass this exam along with other criteria to work for Abundant Home Care.

Once again please remember, it wasn’t that long ago we were in the same position as you ~~ looking for a reliable, professional and compassionate agency to care your love ones. That‘s where the empathy starts.

Best Wishes,

Ceci Murphy – Co-founder, director of sales & marketing
Jeanne Smillie – Co-founder, director of operations

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