Self-care for Healthcare Workers: Tips To Take Care Of YOU

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Self-care for Healthcare Workers: Tips To Take Care Of YOU

Case managers, social workers, nurses, resident care managers–pretty much all of you involved with health care–continue to be affected by Covid-19. We’re deep into the second surge, and the constantly changing standards of care and the care dynamics of patients with Covid-19 can be a huge source of stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration. These pressures have only added to an already demanding job. You deserve to de-stress! These are our thoughts on self-care for healthcare workers.

It is important to stay in touch with both your own and others’ emotions (easier said than done, we know!). Give yourself time to express your concerns to trusted co-workers. Listen to the concerns of your colleagues. You can share your feelings of grief and sadness with supportive peers –they may be feeling the same way. An enormous amount of resilience and emotional maturity is needed to deal with Covid patients on top of your regular job responsibilities – healthcare heroes is an understatement for the work you do.

Self-care and coping strategies can help to energize and recharge you. We know you could recite these discharge recommendations in your sleep, but if there was ever a time to take your own advice it’s now – take care of yourself first:

While Working

  • Adequate sleep – Maintain a regular sleeping routine  
  • Healthy eating – Try to eat at least 1 nutritious meal a day (ginger salmon with brown rice is an easy one!)
    • Cut down on sugary snacks 
    • Keep snacks that energize on hand, like bananas, apples, coffee, eggs, nuts. We found this list of easy snacks motivating too.   
  • Exercise – Notice how much of the day you are sitting. Take a 15-minute walk to stretch your legs. 
  • Adequate hydration – Replace sugary soft drinks or reduced-calorie drinks. We recommend water with lemon, cucumber, or mint. We also love these simple ideas for more infused waters you can bring to work in your water bottle!                      

Days Off

  • Talk and think about things that bring a smile to your face
  • Enjoy your family and friends 
  • Take the time to explore a hobby that you have been thinking about
  • Go sledding – right now is perfect weather for it!
  • Read a good book, give the books you’ve read to a friend
  • Break out the board games
  • Maintain social contact by phone or zoom etc.
  • Get out of yourself, help a neighbor or family member 

Have any other self-care for healthcare workers tips you use to stay healthy? Let us know! As always, Abundant Home Health Care is here to support you. Hang in there!

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